Video Chat Box:
This is a perfect tool for you to
Sell more and Support Well.
Survive your business.
Even in COVID-19 duration.

Our Support and Sales Chat box gives your sales and support agents the ability to do interactive video chat with the clients and customers.

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Sell more and do better Support

With our service you can easily add a Video Chat Box on your website and provide your support and sales service through the video call.
your agents will login to the panel, when ever a client click on the call icon, a video call will be place and you can do your sell/support service fully online but much more effective.

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Customers can start the video call in their computer, phone or tablet.

Easy to use

Agent and client both easily can use this plug-in. with a click it will set a call.

Pay as you use

Hourly packages are available and based on your usage you can choose them.

Separate layer

No matter what kind of website you have. Plugin easily will stick to your website.

Perfect quality

Video stream and the plugin are provided by us. that's why you will experience a perfect service


We have a great support team and you can be sure there will be a great help for you to use the feature.

Sales/Support agents will be available

Your Sales/Support agents will be available in your website. Even when they are working remotely from home.
The Video Chat Box gives you the ability to deal the customers face to face. As you know its very important for the clients and customers see agents faces and also from sales side they can do a better sale if they can express their body language and face emotions.

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What customers say about us

Our service is unique and a response to world new condition and need

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It was great for us to know Appofy. Since then, we are experiencing a huge development in our marketing and sales

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For us it was a second chance to survive and save our business. we owe a lot to this startup idea

No1 Real State Agency

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