About us

Our company was founded in 2019 with a mission to create tiny and useful applications and plugins for people all around internet. We created several Apps and one of them was a Video Conference Call App with a great kernel. This about January of 2020 and we realized that a tiny devil virus is going to destroy people life. then we though that we can have a plugin to use for online sales ans support purpose. we worked hard and the result is this service which we are providing.

Our Mission

We’re a team of creative and experienced marketing, sales experts and developers. We used to work as employees, free lancers and managers, and we know what do you need and more that, we know what do your customers want from you.

When they need support they rather to see a face not a voice or a bot

When they want to know about a product and services they like to see the agent's face

Face to face communication bring you trust and better sale or support

In CoViD-19 situation, people rather to buy/get-support online.

Finished Apps and Plugins

Happy Customers

User Satisfaction

What People Say

Our service is unique and a response to world new condition and need

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It was great for us to know Appofy. Since then, we are experiencing a huge development in our marketing and sales.

Teachingdom Institute
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For us it was a second chance to survive and save our business. we owe a lot to this startup idea.

No1 Real State Agency
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First we didnt believe a small plugin can do such a revelation in our sales department in Corona panademic .

Radyar Pishe Co.
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Parisa Farahani
Co-Founder & CEO

Expert in managing and a long time experience in sales.

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M. Sohrabi
Lead Developer

IT and Programming Expert
Network Professional

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Mahnazsadat Mirmohammadi
Developer and Designer

PHP and wordpress professional.